กีต้าร์คลาสสิคไฟฟ้า Yamaha SLG200NW



กีต้าร์คลาสสิคไฟฟ้า Yamaha SLG200NW Classical Silent Guitar

Yamaha Silent SLG200NW กีต้าร์ไซเลนท์รุ่นใหม่จากทาง Yamaha ที่ออกแบบทรงมาให้คล้ายคลึงกับกีต้าร์ไฟฟ้ามากขึ้น ผู้เล่นรู้สึกเล่นได้สบายมือมากกว่าเดิม ดีไซด์ออกมาสวยงามจากการทำสีไม้ธรรมชาติ บอดี้มะฮอกกานีผสมกับขอบเฟรมที่ทำจากไม้เมเปิ้ลผสมโรสวู้ด จึงได้เสียงสายไนล่อนที่หนาและนุ่มนวลออกมาเต็มเสียง คอทำจากไม้มะฮอกกานีและฟิงเกอร์บอร์ดโรสวู้ดสีดำสนิททำให้กีต้าร์ดูเรียบหรู Hi-end

ภาคไฟฟ้าใช้รุ่น SRT Powered System ปิ๊กอัพแบบ Piezo ที่ให้เสียงคมชัด ใส คล้ายกีต้าร์คลาสสิค สามารถจำลองเสียงไมค์ Yamaha ได้ 3 รุ่น ปรับเสียงทุ้มแหลมได้ และมีเอฟเฟครีเวิร์ปกับคอรัสในตัว เชื่อมต่อกับอุปกรณ์ได้หลายแบบทั้ง Line Out และ Aux in สะดวกต่อการทำเพลง หรือจะต่อหูฟังก็มีเป็นอุปกรณ์เสริมมาให้ มีระบบลดเสีงรบกวนหรือ Feedback จัดเป็นกีต้าร์ไซเลนท์ระดับพรีเมี่ยมที่ใช้กับห้องอัดเสียงได้สบายๆ

The nylon-string Silent Guitar SLG200NW features a traditional classical guitar neck and nut width, an ebony fingerboard, and elegant gold tuner baseplates.

•  Yamaha SRT Powered pickup system for great performance sound

•  Super-compact, with detachable frame for easy travel

•  2 1/16″ (52mm) nut width

•  Ebony fingerboard

•  Headphone jack for ultra-quiet practicing

•  Onboard tuner

•  Durable gig bag included

High-tech Nylon-string Guitar Combines Performance and Beauty
The SLG200NW is the latest in Yamaha’s groundbreaking line of “silent” guitars; this version is designed just for classical guitarists. The 2-1/16″ nut provides that classical guitar feel, and the guitar’s top section detaches and stows in the included gig bag — making it fit easily in an overhead compartment. Convenient and yet authentic, this guitar exhibits Yamaha’s SRT powered system, developed to reproduce the sounds of a high-end Yamaha acoustic guitar. You also get a built-in chromatic tuner, onboard effects, aux in, and headphone output. With its mahogany body and neck, rosewood frame, and ebony fingerboard, the Yamaha SLG200NW is as beautiful as it is functional and travel-ready.

The SRT pickup system
When producing a classical sound, crystal-clear tonal accuracy is vital. The Studio Response Technology pickup system focuses on the individual strings to offer an extensive bandwidth signal. This results in a tone which has incredible clarity; it is smooth, angelic and offers the transparency and precision of a classical guitar. Going one step further than a traditional classical guitar, the SRT preamp system allows you to adjust your sound to suit you. The volume, bass, treble, and reverb effects offer amazing tone shaping capabilities that will make your sound stand out from anyone else’s.

Innovative design meets acoustic sound
Striking. Distinctive. Modern. But with a natural sound. The guitar combines the contours of an acoustic guitar with contemporary design, and this has created a visually stunning instrument. It is the result of a collaboration between the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory who designed the guitar meticulously, making sure to include the benefits of a traditional shape whilst showcasing a modern edge. One of the most compelling features is the wide neck, which has a 52mm nut width. This reflects a classical guitar neck and provides guitarists who favour this playing style the means to perform classical techniques but with a visually modern style.

Whilst the design is undoubtedly unique, the woods it is crafted from offer tonal qualities reminiscent to those of a classical guitar. The mahogany body and neck bring warmth and depth to the tone, whilst the ebony fretboard offers a brightness that enhances the higher frequencies – it is a wonderfully organic sound in a remarkable package.

Play comfortably anywhere, at any time
With its ultra-slim body, the Yamaha SLG200NW is a guitar you can play with complete ease. The thin design means you have an abundance of space – you can play freely without any hindrance. The cutaway of the body also means you can reach the higher frets easily, a welcome feature for any classical player. Better still, this guitar is 80 percent quieter than the conventional acoustic guitar, meaning you can play at any time of day. Use the headphone jack and have the same playing experience you would have if you were rehearsing out loud, whilst the 22-hour battery life means you have extensive time to play. The possibilities with this guitar are endless, and its versatility means you can play just about anything.


Body & Bridge

Body : Yamaha Silent Guitar With Collapsible Frame

Frame : Rosewood & Maple

Body Timber : Mahogany

Bridge : Rosewood

Finish : Natural

Neck & Fingerboard

Neck : Mahogany

Fingerboard : Ebony

Truss Rod : Double Action

Scale Length : 650mm

Neck Width (0 Fret to Joint Fret) : 52mm – 62mm

String Spacing : 11.8mm

Electronics & Hardware

Electronics : SRT Pickup/SRT Powered Preamp

Controls : Power, Volume, AUX. Volume, Bass, Treble, Effects (REV1, REV2, CHO), Tuner, Blend

Connections : Line Out, AUX. In, Headphones, DC In

Battery Life : 22 Hours (With/Without Effect Activated)

Tuning Machines : RM-1388G-7F (Gold)

Case : Original Yamaha Carry Bag

Color : Natural